Tram des tijds - TTO Noordzee - Kusttram

Al meer dan dertig jaar redt de vereniging TTO historisch waardevolle tramrijtuigen van de slopershamer, restaureert ze in de originele toestand en maakt ze weer rijvaardig.



Organize an original party on the Flemish coast

Do you want someone else to take the grind out of organising your festivities and events down to the smallest detail? Including the transportation of your guests?

Our historic trams offer an exclusive means of transport to your conference or event no matter how small or large your group.

Why not start your party while travelling on the tram to your destination? Excursions, birthday parties, celebrations or weddings, with all of your catering including drinks or even a full dinner.

Our trams are authentic and have been carefully restored. They offer the ideal setting for photo shoots, movie shoots and advertising campaigns. 
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Prices from 300,00 euro an hour (exclusive 6% VAT)